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IISC Bangalore M.Tech, MS, ME MDes Admission 2014 – Eligibility, Forms Notification

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore M.Tech, ME and MS  MMGT, MDES Admission 2014 Notification, Eligibility, Application Form. Cut off 2013 details are availalble on this page. IISC Bangalore Master of Engineering (ME), Master of Technology (M Tech), Master of Design (M Des) and Master of Management (M Mgt) Admission 2014. IISC is top research instiute of India. It was established on 1903 A.D. All the eligible candidate, who want to get admission at IISC Bangalore 2014 has to fill up the online application form. Please read the whole page carefully, to know IISC Bangalore Eligibility Details, Education Qualification, GATE 2013, 2014 score card etc.

The Institute admits about 400 students every year for its course programmes.  The number includes about 50 sponsored candidates from the Defence Services, Defence Research and Development Organization, Indian Space Research Organization, BARC, NAL, CPRI, KSRTC, BMTC, PWD and BDA, faculty members from engineering colleges under the Quality Improvement Programmes.

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Name of Organization: Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (IISc)

Name of Course: Master of Technology (M.Tech.)/ Master of Science (M.E.)/ M.Des/ M.Mgt

Duration of Course: 2014-2016 (regular) and 2014-2019 (M.Tech Integrated Course)


iisc mtech me mdes mmgt admission 2014

IISC Bangalore M.Tech, MS, ME MDes Admission 2014 – Eligibility, Forms Notification www.iisc.ernet.in

Eligibility: The following categories of candidates are eligible to apply for admission to course programmes.

  1. Bachelor’s degree holders in Engineering/Technology or its equivalent.
  2. Bachelor’s degree holders in Physics/ Chemistry/ Mathematics/ Statistics/ Computer Science/ Electronics followed by qualifications obtained through an examination conducted by professional societies recognized by UPSC/AICTE.
  3. Bachelor’s degree holders in Architecture/Design (for M Des programme only)
  4. Master’s degree holders in Science disciplines including Physics with Electronics/ Instrumentation/Geology/ Computer Application/ Physical Sciences/ Mathematical Sciences as applicable to individual department offering M Tech programmes.

All the candidates should qualify in the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE 2013 or  2014) for ME / M Tech, GATE or in the Common Entrance Examination for Design (CEED 2013 or 2014) for M Des, and GATE 2013/2014 or CAT 2013/GMAT 2013 for M.Mgt, and possess the valid score card(s) as on 1st August 2014

Additional notes

  • The minimum requirement for admission to course programmes-ME/M Tech/M Des is a SECOND CLASS and for M.Mgt a FIRST CLASS (as declared by the University) or an equivalent grade in the qualifying examination as indicated against each department.
  • Candidates with B Sc followed by a professional Diploma, should have studied their B Sc in the 10+2+3 system and obtained at least a SECOND CLASS.
  • Wherever Bachelor’s degree in Engineering/Technology is prescribed, the minimum eligible qualification for admission, the duration of the such degree courses should be atleast 4 years and wherever Master’s degree is prescribed the minimum duration should be of 2 years, in addition to the 10+2 (i.e. 10th Std and 12th Std). However the candidates who have studied diploma and got exemption of 1 year in the Engineering/Technology are also eligible to apply.
  • The minimum requirement of a SECOND CLASS in the qualifying examination is relaxed to PASS CLASS forSC/ST candidates. 
  • Those in the final year of their qualifying examination and awaiting results are also eligible to apply. However, they should have completed all the requirements for the award of their qualifying degree, including all examinations, dissertation projects, viva-voce, etc., by the time of joining, i.e., by the end of July 2014.
  • Candidates who join initially for the ME / M Tech programmes may be permitted to transfer to the Ph D programme, subject to academic assessments.

ME Admission 2014:

The participating departments/centers, disciplines, minimum qualifications, areas of study are listed in the table given below. Candidates can choose to apply for up to a maximum of 5 disciplines from ME/ M Tech and M Des programmes.

Candidates with qualification in BE / B Tech or an equivalent degree must have qualified and hold a valid GATE score card as on 1st August 2014.





Qualification with required GATE paper (in brackets)

Areas of study

1. AerospaceEngineering Aerospace Engineering BE / B Tech or equivalent degree (with a GATE Paper in AE, CE, CH, EC, EE, ME). Structures, Aerodynamics; Propulsion; Control and Guidance of Aircraft, Rockets and Spacecraft.
2. ChemicalEngineering Chemical Engineering BE / B Tech or equivalent degree(with a GATE Paper in  CH). Biochemical Engineering; Colloidal and Interfacial Science; Complex Fluids; Environmental Engineering; Modeling and Simulation; Nanotechnology; Reaction Engineering; Theoretical Biology;Transfer Processes.
3. Structural EngineeringGeotechnical Engineering  

Water Resources & Environ-

mental Engineering

Civil Engineering* BE / B Tech or equivalent degree(with a GATE Paper in CE). 



BE / B Tech or equivalent degree

(with a GATE Paper in AG, CE).


Geotechnical Engineering; Water Resources and Environmental Engineering; Structural Engineering.
4. MechanicalEngineering Mechanical Engineering BE/ B Tech or equivalent degree(with a GATE Paper in ME). Solid Mechanics, Finite Element Analysis, Computer Aided Design, Non-Linear Dynamics, Vibration, Technical Acoustics, Design of Mechanical Systems, Robotics, Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems, Nano-Mechanics, Biomechanics, Tribology, Advanced Manufacturing Process, Material Science, Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, I C Engines, Combustion, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning.

* For the purpose of indicating preferences in the application, each of the 3 specializations in the Civil Engg department would constitute a separate preference.



Discipline with code  (in brackets)

Department/ Centre

Qualification with required GATE paper (in brackets)

Areas of study

5. Materials Engineering Materials Engineering BE / B Tech or equivalent degree(with a GATE Paper in  CH, ME, MT, XE). Materials: Structural Alloys (light metal, superalloys, refractory metals), Shape Memory Alloys, Engineering Ceramics, Nanomaterials, Electronic Materials, Ferroelectrics and Multiferroics, Polymer Blends and Nanocomposites, Organic Photovoltaics.Phenomena: Phase Transformations, Rapid Solidification, Mechanical Alloying, Diffusion, Texture and Grain Boundary Engineering, Mechanical Behaviour including Creep, Superplasticity, Fatigue and Fracture, Thin Films and Coatings, Contact Deformation, Tribology, Thermoelectromechanical Phenomena, Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering, Sensors, Mineral Processing, Biohydrometallurgy, Extractive Metallurgy.Computational Modeling of Processes, Alloy Stability, Defects and Transformations.
6. Computer Science & Engineering Computer Science & Automation BE / B Tech or equivalent degree(with a GATE Paper in CS). Algorithms, Combinatorial Optimization, Graph Theory, Cryptology, Computational Topology, Algorithmic Algebra, Computational Biology, Automata Theory, Formal Verification, Computer Architecture, Multi-Core Computing, Operating Systems, Storage Systems, Security, Database Systems, Distributed Computing, Cloud Computing, Simulation, Programming Languages and Tools, Compiler Design, Program Analysis, Graphics and Visualization, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Information Retrieval, Data Mining, Reinforcement Learning, Game Theory, Social Network Analysis, Cognitive Systems.
7. Telecommun-ication Engineering Electrical Communica-tion Engineer-ing BE / B Tech or equivalent degree(with a GATE Paper in EC).  Communications and Networking, Information and Coding Theory, Microelectronics, Microwaves, Photonics, Signal Processing, Optical Communication, Wireless Communication Information Theory and Coding.
8. ElectricalEngineering Electrical Engineering BE / B Tech or equivalent degree(with a GATE Paper in EE). Power Systems, Power Electronics, High Voltage Engineering.



9. Microelectro-nic Systems Jointly conducted byElectrical Communication Engg &  Electronic Systems Engg BE/ B Tech or equivalent degree (with a GATE Paper in EE, EC, CS, IN). Semicustom VLSI Design-FPGA  ASIC; Nano CMOS Technology;  Analog and RF Circuit Design, MEMS, Photonic Integrated Circuits. Optics and Fluid Dynamics of Nanostructures.
10. Signal Processing Jointly conducted byElectrical Engineering  & Electrical Communication Engineering BE / B Tech or equivalent degree (with a GATE Paper in EE,  EC). Digital Signal Processing, Image Processing, Signal Compression, Neural Networks, Biomedical Signal Processing, Speech/Audio Info. Processing, Array Processing, Pattern Recognition, Signal Processing for Communication, Sparse Signal Processing, Compressed Sensing Indoor Localization. Detection and Estimation.
11. Systems Science & Automation Jointly conducted by Electrical Engineering & Computer Science & Automation BE/ B Tech or equivalent  degree (with a GATE Paper in CH, CS, EE, EC, IN, ME).Candidates should have done a formal course in programming in C and C++.  Digital Signal Processing, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Graphics, Stochastic Systems, Multimedia, Real Time and Fault Tolerant Systems, Sensor Networks, E Commerce, Speech Processing, Real Time Signal Processing and Embedded Systems.


The participating departments/centres, disciplines, minimum qualifications, areas of study are listed in the table given below.

Candidates with qualification in  BE/ B Tech or M Sc degree, must have qualified and hold a valid GATE score card as on 1st August 2014.





Qualification with required GATE paper (in brackets)

Areas of study

1. Electronic Systems Engineering Electronic Systems Engineering BE / B Tech or equivalentdegree with Electronics as one of the subjects of study(with a valid GATE) orM Sc or equivalent  degree inPhysics with Electronics as the special subject (with a valid GATE).(M Sc or equivalent degree holders should possess 2 years experience in Electronics hardware). Communication Networks, Embedded Systems, Power Conversion, VLSI Design, Electronics Systems Packaging, Electro Magnetic Compatibility, Analog Circuits, Mechatronics, Product Engineering. Signal Processing and Information Theory, VLSI Systems Architecture.
2. Computational Science Supercompu-ter Education & Research Centre BE / B Tech or equivalent degree inany discipline (with a valid GATE) orM Sc or equivalent degree in anydiscipline (with a valid GATE) orMaster’s in Computer Application (with a valid GATE). 

In all cases a strong mathematical and programming background is required.

Multidisciplinary Program Addressing: Supercomputing, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Computational Issues in Large Scale Problem Solving and Simulation in Science and Engineering, Numerical Techniques and Algorithms, and Scientific Computing.
3. ClimateScience Centre for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences BE / B Tech or equivalent degree inany discipline (with a GATE Paper in AE, CE, CH, EC, EE, ME, XE) orM Sc or equivalent degree inPhysical Sciences (with Gate Paper in GG, PH).  Interdisciplinary Programme Covering Atmospheric Dynamics and Thermodynamics, Ocean Dynamics, Clouds Radiation and Climate, Earth System, Numerical Modeling of Climate, Methods of Observations, Satellite Meteorology, Climate Data Time Series Analysis.
4. Instrumenta-tion Instrumenta-tion and Applied Physics BE / B Tech or equivalent degree(with a GATE Paper in EE,EC, IN) orM Sc or equivalent degree withspecialization in Instrumentation(with a GATE Paper in EC,IN, PH). 


Semiconductor Devices, Flexible Electronic Circuits, Sensors and related Instrumentation, Materials Engineering, Microscopy and Imaging, Analytical Instrumentation, Electronic Instrumentation, Lasers and Optical Instrumentation, Microfluidic Devices, Solar Energy and Thermal Instrumentation, Vacuum and Thin Films, Controls and Systems.


Sl.No. Discipline Department/Centre Qualification with required GATE paper (in brackets) Areas of study
5. Transportation and Infrastructure Engineering Civil Enigneering BE / B Tech or equivalent degree inany discipline (with a valid GATE).. Interdisciplinary program covering Traffic & Transportation Systems, Intelligent Transport Systems, and Infrastructure Engineering.
6. Earth Science Centre for Earth Sciences BE / B Tech or equivalent degree inany discipline (with a GATE paper in ME, CHCECS, XE, XL) orM Sc or equivalent degree inany discipline (with a GATE paper in GG, CY,PH, MA). Interdisciplinary programme covering solid Earth processes; geochemistry and geochemical cycles; petrology; Earth system interaction; seismotectonics; seismic hazards;  geophysical fluid dynamics.
7. Nano Science and Engineering Centre for Nano Science and Engineering BE / B Tech or equivalent degree inany discipline (with GATE paper in AE, BT, CH, EE, EC, IN, ME, MT, PH, XE) orM Sc or equivalent degree inElectronics, Physics, Chemistry (with GATE in CY, EC, IN, PH paper) Interdisciplinary program covering Solid state physics, Nanomaterials, Nanoelectronics, MEMS and NEMS, Nanophotonics, Biosensors, Micro/Nano fluidics, with hands-on training on Nanofabrication and Nano Characterization techniques

M Des Programme

Candidates with qualification in BE/ B Tech/ B Des/ B.Arch degree, must have qualified in GATE or CEED and hold a valid score card as on 1st August 2014




Qualification with required GATE paper or CEED (in brackets)

Areas of study

   1. Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing BE / B Tech or equivalent  degree in any discipline (GATE or CEED) orB Des (CEED) orB.Arch (GATE or CEED). Product Design and Engineering.

Important Dates 

Events Date
Commencement of Online Application February 3, 2014
Last dates for Online Application (website closure):a) Sponsored candidates (including ERP)b) Regular candidates   March 7, 2014 April 05, 2014
Last date for updating the following NET Results online:Joint CSIR-UGC NET for JRF/UGC NET for JRF/ICMR-JRF/ DBT-JRF / JEST  (Important: Applicants must update their National Entrance Test (NET) results immediately online by logging into Applicant’s interface online)  April 30, 2014 
Aptitude Test/interview for:(a) M Tech programme(b) M Des programme(c) M Mgt programme (Group discussion and interview)   April 21-23, 2014April 24-25, 2014April 21-23, 2014
Interview for Research programmes:(a) Ph D (Integrated) programme(b) Interdisciplinary programme in Bioengineering, Energy, MathematicalSciences and Nanoscience & Engineering.(c) Research programme   May, 2014May 31 & June 1, 2014 June 2 – 6, 2014
Date of Reporting at IISc:(a) Course programmes – ME / M Tech / M Des / M.Mgt  (Non-sponsored)(b) Research programmes – Ph D/M Sc(Engg) (Non-sponsored)(c) Ph D (Integrated) programmes, and all Sponsored – DRDO/Defence/BARC/ ISRO /NAL/KSRTC/BMTC/BDA/PWD/QIP/ERP

For More details: http://admissions.iisc.ernet.in/web/SelectUGPG.aspx

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