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ISRO Scientific Engineer ECE Syllabus 2014 Download [PDF] ISRO SC ECE Detailed Syllabus April 2014

ISRO Scientific Engineer (SC) ECE Syllabus 2014 Download in PDF format. ISRO SC ECE Full syllabus for the April 2014 written examination. ISRO ECE Syllabus download for Signal and System,Physical Electronics, Electron Devices and ICs, Network Theory etc. ISRO has issued recruitment advertisement for Scientific Engineer (SC) in Electronics, Computer, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical. Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) Written exam pattern for 26th April 2014 written exam.

ISRO Scientific Engineer ECE Syllabus 2014 Download [PDF] ISRO SC ECE Detailed Syllabus April 2014

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isro sc ece syllabus 2014 download (1) Physical Electronics, Electron Devices and ICs:

Electrons and holes in semi-conductors, Carner Statistics, Mechanism of current flow in a semi-conductor, Hall effect; Junction theory; Different types of diodes and their characteristics; Bipolar Junction transistor; Field effect transistors; Power switching devices like SCRs, GTOs, power MOSFETs; Basics of ICs-bipolar, MOS and CMOS types; basic and Opto Electronics.

(2) Signals and Systems:

Classification of signals and systems; System modeling in terms of differential and difference equations; State variable representation; Fourier series; Fourier transforms and their application to system analysis; Laplace transforms and their application to system analysis; Convolution and superposition integrals and their applications; Z-transforms and their applications to the analysis and characterization of discrete time systems; Random signals and probability; Correlation functions; Spectral density; Response of linear system to random inputs.

(3) Network Theory:

Network analysis techniques; Network theorems, transient response, steady state sinusoidal response; Network graphs and their applications in network analysis; Tellegen’s theorem. Two port networks; Z, Y, h and transmission parameters. Combination of two ports, analysis of common two ports. Network functions: parts of network functions, obtaining a network function from a given part. Transmission criteria: delay and rise time, Elmore’s and other definitions effect of cascading. Elements of network synthesis.

(4) Electromagnetic Theory:

Analysis of electrostatic and magneto-static fields; Laplace’s and Poisson’s equations; Boundary value problems and their solutions; Maxwell’s equations; application to wave propagation in bounded and unbounded media; Transmission lines: basic theory, standing waves, matching applications, microstrip lines; Basics of wave guides and resonators; Elements of antenna theory.

Download FULL Syllabus Of ISRO SC ECE Exam 2014:

Download (PDF, 142KB)

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