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ISRO Scientific Engineer CSE Syllabus 2014 Download [PDF] ISRO SC Computer Science Detailed Syllabus April 2014

ISRO Scientific Engineer (SC) CSE Syllabus 2014 Download in PDF format. ISRO SC CSE Full syllabus for the April 2014 written examination. ISRO Computer Science Syllabus download for Operating System, Computer Networks, Database, Compiler Design, Digital Logic,  Programming Methodology, Software systems. ISRO has issued recruitment advertisement for Scientific Engineer (SC) in Electronics, Computer, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical. Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) Written exam pattern for 26th April 2014 written exam.

ISRO Scientific Engineer CSE Syllabus 2014 Download [PDF] ISRO SC Computer Science Detailed Syllabus April 2014

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isro sc cse syllabus 2014 downloadISRO has issued recruitment notification for Scientific Engineer (SC) for B.Tech Graduates.

  • Scientist/Engineer SC – Electronics
  • Scientist/Engineer SC – Mechanical
  • Scientist/Engineer SC – Computer Science
  • Scientist/Engineer SC – Civil
  • Scientist/Engineer SC – Electrical
  • Scientist/Engineer SC - Refrigeration

(1) Computer H/W Digital Logic: Logic functions, Minimization, Design and synthesis of Combinational and Sequential circuits — Number representation and Computer Arithmetic (fixed and floating point)

(2) Computer Organization: Machine instructions and addressing modes, ALU and Data-path, hardwired and micro-programmed control, Memory interface, I/O interface (Interrupt and DMA mode), Serial communication interface, Instruction pipelining, Cache, main and secondary storage.

(3) SOFTWARE SYSTEMS Data structures: Notion of abstract data types, Stack, Queue, List, Set, String, Tree, Binary search tree, Heap, Graph –

(4) Programming Methodology: C programming, Program control (iteration, recursion, Functions), Scope, Binding, Parameter passing, Elementary concepts of Object oriented, Functional and Logic Programming –

(5) Algorithms for problem solving: Tree and graph traversals, Connected components, Spanning trees, Shortest paths — Hashing, Sorting, Searching — Design techniques (Greedy, Dynamic Programming, Divide-and-conquer) –
(6) Compiler Design: Lexical analysis, Parsing, Syntax directed translation, Run-time environment, Code generation, Linking (static and dynamic) –

(7) Operating Systems: Classical concepts (concurrency, synchronization, deadlock), Processes, threads and Inter-process communication, CPU scheduling, Memory management, File systems, I/O systems, Protection and security.

Download FULL Syllabus Of ISRO SC CSE Exam 2014:

Download (PDF, 110KB)

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